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Monday, February 13, 2012

Write & Read By Us for Us

There is a story in each one of us. Especially children. I love the way they can spin stories out of nothing, link one to another and create a fascinating world of imagination where there are no boundaries to imagination, no rules for the game of creativity and thereby anything is possible.

Write and Read By Us for Us Stories is an initiative by Hewlett Packard and Katha Book (

The 29 stories in this collection are written for children by children and have been hand picked from the best of Write&Read creative writing workshops, by Prasoon Joshi the poet.

Thoughts meet imagination and the finished product is a variety of lucidly written multi themed stories be it on environment, science fiction, magical world or slice of life stories.

My favourite story is - the last tiger. Very creatively written, it predicts doom with the last tiger on the earth fighting for survival.

I also liked the simple concept on which the sweet story Sonia and the dream island is based.

If we were to define the luckiest object, I would also perhaps choose a suitcase that gets to travel all over the world. Beaten black and blue is the story of a suitcase who perhaps does more than what a suitcase is required to do.

What if one time travels and takes a yet to be invented object to that world? Bathrooms aren't boring unleashes the imagination in a similar manner.

The story my cat, her majesty suspiciously reminds me of the stray that used to enter our homes and deliver a large set of litters. She was also called Bahgeera as in the story.

And guess what would be the perfect gift for a book lover in a world where digital media is the only way to read?

Don't this katha book instead!

You will love the stories and you will love the art work too.

What is the most heartening aspect here? The fact that children are so much aware of the concerns regarding environment, endangered species and also the softer aspects of human nature and behaviour.

Way to go kids!

Title- By Us For Us

Author- Prasoon Joshi

Price - Rs 375

Publisher- katha, Hewlett Packard India

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