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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Bags as a Source of Income

While I do like the idea of the government banning plastic bags, aren't the stores defeating the purpose by selling them at the counter?

In the good old days we always carried a 'jhola' for veggie shopping or grocery shopping and there were paper bags and plastics were unheard of unless you were a clothes store or a shoe shop or other such large stores.
The other day we went to Lifestyle with no intention of making a purchase. But we did buy and we were asked to pay up 5 bucks for a plastic bag.
My grouse is, most of the clothes or shoe stores in Delhi have shifted to cloth bags. Even the Dilli Haat guys give cloth bags. Even the mammoth giants of t nagar like Pothys, Nalli give jute bags then defeat the purpose
by throwing in a bunch of plastic bags...
Lifestyle being a giant enterprise can afford to give cloth bags, but it took the easier, environmental unfriendly and greedier way out. It choose to make money selling large, flashy, plastic bags.
Shame on you.

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1 comment:

NBose said...

highlighting the greedier or cost-cutting side of a days, pantaloons do give paper bags but they are so low in quality that once my friend faced a mess when the paper bag's bottom went off leaving her shopped items scattered in the middle of road...can't they gv a better quality one?
But i do think that we should rewind that habit of carrying own bag while buying veggies even if we are buying from retail stores.