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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Fatwa Girl

I loved the book cover. Very unique and symbolic to the entire characterisation of the protagonist.

Amina is nicknamed as The Fatwa Girl among those who know her owing to her relentless pursuit to persuade the imam to declare a Fatwa that declares Suicide bombing as a sin. Does she attain success in her mission?
Read on to find out and get caught in whorls that unfold revealing romance against all odds, the tussle between the ideologies of Shias and Sunnis and the ultimate bending to the wishes of the family and still learning to love the new life forgetting the innocent romance that was forced not to blossom.
Amina and Omar join the band the 6 pakis and decide that music is the unifying force that promotes peace, harmony and love. They travel around and play near the madrasas, attempting to influence the students to come out of the teachings of the madrasas and adopt a peaceful way of life.
The characters of Amina and Omar display a very powerful self restraint and maturity with each other. They know that their love is pointless and yet they do not dwell upon the inevitable. They part peacefully and keep in touch via their common link.
Amina is genuinely happy and in love with her husband yet there is a shadow that sometimes crosses her face.
What’s the reason for the shadow?
Does Amina manage to succeed in her dream of a peaceful life?The book moves easily and captures the interest of the reader in the first few chapters. The religious discussion however was prolonged and made my mind wander. Sometimes it felt irrelevant and dogmatic and hindered the movement of the story.

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