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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Height of Buddhoopan

Ojas & Tejas in a shop trying to buy Chota Bheem comics.
I ask them to quickly select one each.

First height of Budhoopan
- both come with same titles
After much convincing, I gave them one of the books to exchange- that itself was difficult as none was willing to give "their" book for exchanging

Second height of Budhoopan
they come back with a title that they already have at home

Me- why did you get the same one that you have at home
Ojas- because one page is torn off


Ojas pulls my pillow from under my head as his pillow has fallen to the floor.

Half asleep, I pull it back.

Ojas sits up, wrestles the pillow from under my head and sleeps on it.

Promptly he shifts his head to rest on my arm and the pillow is unused by either of us


Gayatri said...

- Aww they're jus kids..:)
- Surprised are u?
- the otherwise brilliant child does commit certain silly 'doings'..and I guess those are the situations where the true child in them surfaces
- this might make me blog on Achu's 'doings':b
- the second situation is ojas wanting his mama more than the pillow girlie :D

Anonymous said...

My kids were two years apart, and they still had such issues! So I can imagine with Twins. Nice blog.

Maddening Silences said...

Cho chweet ! Amazing blog about Kids and their innocent behaviour. I am sure you were smiling when you wrote this. Take care

The Print Lover said...

LOL! But 'page torn off' is a good enough reason to buy no? :)

And belated bday wishes to the boys. Your party sounds fabulous.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

'Height of Budoopan' -- hehehehe! Am so going to use that one!