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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

When in Rome....

Err when in Madras, be a Madrasi. And I ahem proudly present how I am so becoming a Madrasi!
1. I have actually started liking ellai sapad (banana leaf food served in functions)- So much so I lament if the spread is not grand enough. There were days when I would walk out of a wedding dinner and into another restaurant to eat my fill.

2. I feel glad that I live in Chennai- be it easy traffic and distances, safety, school admissions, affordable homes.

3. My kids are learning Carnatic

4. First I started liking Surya, then Vikram... now what? No one can save me now.

5. The other day I was "reading" a story to the kids in Tamil- ore Kutti puli irka ....(Takdir the kutti puli was the book)

6. I can crack pun jokes in Tamil- Example-
Someone- What happens if this flavour is tried in a Marie biscuit
Me- it will become Ore Maaaaaari (meaning- typical, not so great type- ah well, I can't explain- you need to understand Tamil for that)

7. See 6 above- While translating a tamil joke I have told you in a superior manner- cannot explain- rather you will not understand

8. I can watch a Tamil movie without asking husband to translate each and every dialogue, sound or expression. In fact I have even reviewed a Tamil movie on this blog- a two line one but still, it counts

9. And how could I forget? The process started 6 years ago, the moment I bought "own house" in Chennai.

10. I make sundal during navratri. Slurp

11. edited to add- I have a shoe rack outside my house now.


Monika said...

pallavi said...

He he, awesome!!! I am from Chennai and though I left home about a decade ago, (I still visit twice a year), I am and will always be a Madrasi all my life :-)

Anonymous said...

In memory of our motherland and long lost people..


Hai dil ko teri aarzoo
Par main tujhe na paa sakun
Hai dil ko teri justaju
Par main tujhe na paa sakun
Main hoon shab tu subah
Dono jud ke judaa
Main hoon labh tu dua
Dono jud ke judaa
Madno, mashuko, dilbaro, madno re

dipali said...

I love Chennai and miss it, even though I never lived there- spent two years visiting it frequently when we lived in Gummidipoondi.
I love the food and the music (which i don't understand) and the excitement of the season and the beauty of the city:)

bitsofchocolate said...

Wow ! Bow to you on points 5,6 and 7 !

I still remember your Arisi vs Arasu dilemma post from ages ago - you've come a long way from there !

At this rate, ITW will come to stand for "Ideal Tamizh Woman"

Anonymous said...

Love this...You are wayy more Madraasii..I know how you feel because I am a Bihaari at heart..:)