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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Me? Creative?

I must be if Sue awarded it to me

Thanks Sue- I am thrilled!
Since this is an award for being creative, I am creating my own rules for doing the tag
So as per my low standards- what are the most creative stuff I have done?
1. A poem I wrote for a cousin of mine way back in class 5
2. My essays and short stories in class IX & X were applauded consistently by my English teacher and it was a huge deal for me because she had very very high standards- someone remarked when they saw a "good" in my notebook- getting a good from Mrs T is very very rare.
3. Among my official presentations- my recent one done totally in verse, my trend presentation blended into the history of the product, my presentations using story aproach like navrasa, 5 senses etc- I think I do a decent job of giving a story to creations
4. Using props to tell my kids stories- like the globe for telling a story which talked of various countries, or drawing the story as I narrate it, using their toys/ books/ sauce pouches which they are obsessed with- to teach them addition, division subtraction- really- to me it is a big deal because I have been book-ish most of the time and trying to change that for the kids is a huge step for me
5. Conceptualising my in house magazine
6. Revamping my garden and making my terrariums

I tag
The Mad Momma- need I say why?
ArtNavy- too many to list out here- it will be like I am doing the tag meant for her in my blog
Phoenixritu for her unbeatable wisecracks
Rohini for the awesome baby shower ideas of her - if she becomes I party planner- I am so asking for discounts for predicting that
DotMom for her awesome cakes- I would have listed my baking recipes also as creative in the list above but I am not that shameless


Sue said...

Of course you're a creative sort, Itchy. Which reminds me, send me that navras presentation please?

How do we know said...

wow.. u ARE creative.. all that stuff into a presentation? you shld be asking for royalities and writing a column!

the mad momma said...

oye - need you say why maane kye. i'm no more creative then the next person. but thank you. now the pressure builds up to do something creative and earn it like a bournville ;)

Itchingtowrite said...

Sue- thanks Sue- will do
HOw do we know- LOL!! i dont hav a column within me!
MM- now do it- we live vicariously thru u

Rohini said...

Ooh. Thanks. No one ever called me creative before :)

Itchingtowrite said...

uff Ro dont fish- I have already praised u- quota of the day over

DotThoughts said...

awww thanks itchykins!! and whaddyamean.. you are an amazing baker, dude!!!! You have to edit that post and add that