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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Of Parties at Home

I did say I was hosting parties a few weeks back.
So here's the deal...
The first party was with neighbours- long overdue- the last one we had was when we gave a treat when I discovered the twins inside me!
The spread was a large one since a cook was doing the cooking.
The starters were Daal vada, chicken 65 and Tawa fish
Main course- chicken curry, chole, veg curry, paneer, pulao and rotis and off course curd rice (against my policy!)
Dessert was my brownie and icecream.
Incidentally I had spent the afternoon sleeping since the cook was cooking (could you believe that- on the day of a party that too?) and had dreamt that the husband ate up the entire brownie and I spent my evening crying that this was the only thing I made and you finished that up!

There were drinks - Absolute Citron and lots of Real Cranberry Juice which was liked by bacche boodhe...alike
Champagne was duly popped by a generous soul!

The second one was when Sunshine family came down - another overdue one since last 6 years ...The menu was similar to above but focusing on the non vegetarian only. Chicken 65 courtsey the cook, chicken liver, chicken curry, paratha, aaloo-badi curry, (was there paneer or something else?) and dessert had brownie and fruit salad with icecream and the best was what Sunshine's Mamma brought for us.
I am waiting for her to blog about it.


Ramit Grover said...

Chhole? Rice? Paneer? Why wasn't I invited? Grrhhh... ;)

Anonymous said...

IHM - Its not fair on your part that you post pictures of such yummy food(espcly the cake) when we are actually starving in the office - Preethi

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Sounds like you are one party freak and awesome host. Wish you were staying nearby! Seriously!