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Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Week

Naturals Salon- Wednesday-Pedicure
Got noticed by the kids- Mamma- white (silver nailpolish)- very nice
Barbecue Nation- with AD. also recieved a lovely belated b'day gift.
The surprise factor of the restaurant is the unexpected proportions. The place is huge and has deep pockets. Nooks & rooms and sections built all over offering open seating as well as private rooms and close to 200 seats I am told. The place was unexpectedly buzzing with activity on Thursday afternoon. For Rs 400 a plate- we were served 10 varieties of kababs- 5 veg which were largely untouched. There was the buffet which was given the royal ignore in favour of the unlimited kababs served with great gusto. A drink was included. I chose a Lychee based. One can choose an alcoholic drink too. The decor is all low height seats, bamboos, a bow& arrow on the wall gave a rustic touch. Diners are supposed to lower the flag when we want them to stop serving. We attackd the desserts which according to me was not too great but not bad either. Anyway- they more than make up during the kababs.
Olympia IT park- Food court- Subway for lunch on Friday with hubby whisking me off from the office for lunch
Wang's Kitchen- for dinner on Friday. Lovely chicken lollypops. I think I like it better than Cascade.


Artnavy said...

wow- i have been wanting to visit BB nation- i shld have come along to gorge on the veg stuff!!

Mama - Mia said...


sounds like a great week! have been wanting to try BBQ nation! ones opening up near our place!!


Unknown said...

Belated Happy Bday and this place sounds kinda joint.

Itchingtowrite said...

art- next time (treat on u)
mama mia - don't miss it
karmic kids- just like u to make it sound as if I had been celebrating a b'day or somthing.