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Thursday, March 23, 2017

What are the Sons Upto?

If the hair on my head were not already thin, they would have greyed by now considering they have taken to working like geniuses.

Last night I entered my home from my walk of 2000 steps and smelled the unmistakeable smell of L'eau de Issey. Yes it was World fragrance day on 21st March but doesn't mean I must smell fragrance like an air freshener.
The children complimented- Mamma your 'office' fragrance works. It kills ants. Which perfume? How many sprays? I knew the answer but still I asked.  They pulled out the Cabochard bottle and told me, this one.
'This one?' I screamed. 'Smell it. Does it look like you have sprayed this?'
'Yaa, this smells like Jasmine..'
'So? You sprayed this one?'
Ojas grabbed the bottle and I grabbed it back even as he sniffed it and said, 'yes this one.'
On one hand I felt relieved that I didn't walk to a smashed bottle of my favourite scent and on the other hand I panicked at the waste.
' How many sprays?' I asked, my heart beating.
'One only.'
'That is two sprays.'

I could have cried. Perhaps it is time to stop saving them for posterity and start using them liberally before they end up being used for letting ants leave in style (Dotmom's words not mine.)
What killed the ants, certainly made me stronger.  And yes, one more pun- I did pay through my nose for the perfume bottles.


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