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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Riot of Colours at Kalakshetra

 The most exciting aspect of Kalakshetra is the colourful fair. A riot of colours that never fail to excite even if one doesn't want to really shop.
Guess what I bought from here?

The painstakingly done applique from Odisha, some of them carved from a single cloth.
 The colourful glass lampshades from Rajasthan, throwing a riot of colours around when lit

Judgement Day
Neem Wood bowls- my favourite for serving snacks

Brown lights are not bad too- Bamboo lights

Ceramic and Neem wood ware from Manjari Kanoi Pottery. They even ship across to you.

Wood and metal from Indore, I picked a lovely metal sun

My favourite- mini pottery

Wood/ bamboo flowers not like the real thing but maintenance free for dry flower arrangements

Love the simplistic style of terracotta pottery

Colours for the feet

jewelled on naturally found stone, uncut

the joys of silk

colors for the floor

my fav grass baskets- can never have enough

Grass coasters from Varanasi

and now glass
Bengal silk
MP Chanderi silk


Andhra leather lamps


Ikat my fav

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