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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kitna hain Hota hai na Sachchai mein

Very often when it comes to small things, we tend to lie our way through rather than disclose the truth. Sometimes it stems from the fact that one may have missed informing the other person about his or her whereabouts or perhaps the explanation would be so long that one may prefer to just speak a small white lie to avoid getting into the mess of giving a long explanation. And some may just feel that the truth may hurt so it is better to lie rather than take the onus of belling the cat and speaking the truth and being the villain in the piece. Sometimes it may just be a matter of feeling ashamed of the truth so it is easier to lie so that one's good image is not damaged.

I recall a small incident in school which comes back to me with great clarity, while on the topic.

I had always been fascinated by the chalkboard duster in school. The smooth manner in which it swished across the board erasing even the tiniest of marking on the smooth board was always a source of delight to me. But I had this unearned fear of ever touching that duster in school. Somehow I felt I shouldn't be touching the board and if I did, the teacher would scold me. I always imagined holding the duster in my hand and erasing the messy writing on the board all by myself. I wanted to feel the sense of erasing the board using the duster that looked so soft and efficient. And more than ever, I wanted to own one, since this was an object which was not widely available in ordinary stationary shops of those days and of course had I asked for it, I wouldn't have been granted permission to buy it anyway as what would be the use of a duster in a household?

Well one day, I happened to find my may inside the school store room where I went to look for my lost water bottle.

I noticed on one dark corner was a treasure trove of dusters, shining, new and squeaky clean, not a single fabric of the duster faded or worn out. I looked around and decided that I could appropriate one for myself and no one would be wiser.
I took one duster and then I had the problem of taking it with me safely till my school bag.

I stuffed it inside the belt of my skirt, grievously spraining my tummy as I pushed that duster in to hide it.

And I rushed to class and stuffed the duster into my bag.

Once home, the sharp eyed mom noticed that I had a duster with me.

I glibly lied that I found it fallen in the school ground.

It didn't take long for mom to figure out that a brand new duster would not be lying in the school ground unattended for me to pick it up and bring home. It must have been done stealthily.

I could have lied for some more time, but at that moment I decided to tell the truth.

Well I felt an immediate relief and returned the duster to the school, silently of course and mom got me a duster for me.

So well, all was  well in the end. If didn't have to bear the burden of a lie and I also got a duster for myself.

A win win situation.

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