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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beware The Blogger Observes

1. Get in..get inside. How will the people boarding the airport bus after you get in. Don't worry the plane will not leave without you.

 2. Ms Airhostess, atleast learn the language if you have to speak it on the Inflight announcement. Don't be Katrina Kaif ki guru in terms of accented Hindi. And there is something called punctuation mark.

 3. Your club sandwich is terrible. Never offer that instead of chicken tikka sandwich... Ugh.

 4. Don't assume that the person on window seat will not get down just because you have to fly onwards. Ask and then give way. 

5. Why the hell do you slow down near the smelly toilet. Walk fast and let us pass.

 6. First of all the meat fridge in your store is on the way out. On top of that the shop girl doesn't bother to move aside. How the hell will I select my purchase. And you grumpy looking ladies, I am not simply looking at the wares, I am buying them. Don't you effing give that horrible look and say excuse me one after the other. Take the other way.

 7. Et tu move. If you stand in front of the shelves how will I buy? And don't keep walking along with me matching step for step, pace for pace looking at my face as if You can read my intentions (of stealing) on them

 8. I may look gullible but no, I will not pay a thousand bucks for two dozen alfonso mangoes. So cut that look from your face and keep your wares to yourself.

 9. Why don't you just tilt the book you are reading so that I can satisfy my curiosity as to which book it is? 

10. Down down, put your socks-ed feet down. I can almost smell it. Ugh.

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