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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Birthday

Wish you a very Happy Birthday babies.
You will of course still be my babies and not my boys until you.
1. Start eating on your own.
2. Start washing your bum on your own.
3. Lose a tooth or two.

Ah well, the list could be endless but as a milestone for turning 6 you have finally learnt to wish each other happy b'day after much coaxing.

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Gayatri said...

- Happy Birthday boys :)
- Smart young boys aren't they :D...God Bless
- I totally agree with points 1&2.My sonny has promised to wash his bum when he turns 7
- Achu lost 3 teeth and found 2 ;b

Blogeswari said...

Happy birthday to the boys!

Sri said...

Happy birthday to the boys!!:)

They look so cute in their matching outfits..

I never thought points 1 & 2 dont get resolved by age 6..i have a 2 yr old daughter and seems like its going to be a loooong journey!!

Monika said...

aww...........happy birthday to Ojas & Tejas

chandni said...

they've grown up so much!!!!!!!!! happy happy birthday sweethearts! <3

Vidya said...

Happy Birthday to the boys!

Prarich said...

Happy Birthday babies! Even Donut learnt to say Bdday on Bheeyaz Bdday!And now he hums bdday bdday!