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Sunday, November 06, 2011


Mamma reading from Amar Chitra Katha comic-Ancestors of Rama. Do you know the meaning of ancestors.
Ojas & Tejas unanimously- Yes, many sisters of Rama.

On this note, I got a coupleof comics, Stories of Shiva and Stories of Rama to herald 6 years of age, the age at which I was reading these comics on my own, starting with a thick ACK book on Ramayana.
The interest and connect has been sparked by a lovely dance drama on Ramayana we saw when we were in Delhi during Dussehra, thanks to D mami. In a lovely open air venue, immensely talented dancers performed the Ramayana in a 3 hour capsule. A must watch for children.
A funny thing that soon as the performance started, and the musical chants began, the stage was yet to be populated, Ojas shouted in a worried tone, why is the movie not coming?
When Hanuman flew with a rope trick, the brothers looked at each other and giggled.
The narration was also being done on a Tv screen, and I encouraged the kids to read the same to follow the story better.
Funny part was a 3 year old nephew insisting that I tell him...wahan kya written hai, exactly how Ojas was asking.
Of course the best part was the samosas and chaat available there.

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Prarich said...

What about Tejas standing with folded hands and closed eyes,praying deeply,as soon as the Goddess came on stage! And Ojas shouting 'Bravo!" when the monkeys fought!

WingrideR said...

I think it was Tejas who shouted Bravo Bravo !!

Just Like That said...

Totally ROFL at many sisters of Rama. I love kids' logic!