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Friday, May 22, 2015

More on Delhi Trip

What would one do when going to Delhi with children for yet another holiday apart from lots of playing with cousins?
This time, I thought I could do a sort of Delhi darshan with the kids as a part of their learning.
So I made a bucket list of things to do in Delhi which would be a good mix of seeing the heritage in the city or beyond and doing some fun and learning.
Day 1- arrival
Day 2- Drive to Agra and be back by night to make the most of the Delhi trip
Day 3- While the ladies go to shop till they drop, the children are taken off bythe men for a movie
Day 4- a trip to Gwalior
Day 5- A visit to Sulabh Toilet museum, Science centre and India Gate in its full glory thereby doing at least one monument in Delhi. While the aim was to do at least a couple more, it was not possible because of time contraint and the heat
Day 6- rest, play and barbad night party with cousins
Day 7- Travel back
So it turned out to be a fairly good holiday, fun filled, with activities and also enough of leisure time


 Some Simple maths simplified

history of perfumes
Dinosaur round
mental reflexes
cycle and muscle movements
number maths

infinite well that they figured out easily

Louis's throne

Family that shits together stays together

simple way to stop poo


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