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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

I Smell Something

And now this article on sense of smell!

Not because I work in the industry, but in spite of that and much before that my sense of smell and taste has always been keen.

And I also see the same has been passed on to the children especially Tejas who can smell out stuff when I am cooking.

In fact in many cases, I rely more on my sense of smell rather than sight.....dirty diapers for instance were always smelled rather than visually checked !

Or even used clothes. One never knows they are to be washed unless you smell them.

Smell indicates a food is well cooked, especially while baking.

And sometimes it helps catch a guilty person....when there is stink in the air....and everyone is blaming the other person.

In fact when I see a spice plant, I recognize it only when I smell the leaves.....else how would I know when I have never seen it before?

Tell me when your nose is your go to person in a situation?

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