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Monday, July 28, 2014

Adieu Nana

Adieu to one of the strongest, most enthusiastic and happening grand man I have known. You went doing what you liked best...traveling, buying car and even joking. We did not want to believe you but turns out you had the last laugh. Love you.

The passing of an era. The one who lived life the fullest. The one who was ahead of his time, practical and innovative. An entrepreneur who built everything from scratch. A stylish man who passed on his sense of humour, love of cars, travel and good life to his progeny and in some of us, his ample waist! The guy who lived and passed on, on his own terms. He who had the last word after all. For whom we can't say rest in peace but live it up wherever you are. Bon voyage Papa/(Bade) Dada/ (Bade)Nana 

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