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Sunday, January 05, 2014

The Mandatory Year End update 2013

2013 passed and I heaved a sigh of relief. The year has been playing havoc, to say the least.

To be fair, the year carried a share of good tidings too but the underlying sadness left me really wary of any phone call that would come at odd hours.

There came the untimely passing of people. It felt as if people I have known for so long are dropping off the face of earth, one by one, leaving the loved ones bereft and confused.

Then there were the illness that came. We saw people through hospitals and tests and new ailments were discovered.

The year ended with the news that Nani would be passing in a matter of time and the next day she was gone.

The year did not spare even the doggies in the extended family!

On the personal front, despite being in Chennai the entire summer, we managed two holidays, one in Sri Lanka and the other in Kerala- Madurai, Thekkadi, Munnar through Club Mahindra. We came back with mixed feelings. While we enjoyed the me time, sometimes it would also be a good idea to go with family or friends.

We are basically homebodies. We wanted to be back home on the 31st because we like to spend the new year eve with friends, but we came back on 30th itself, and to say we were happy to be back home will be an understatement. We were a lot more than just happy!
Ironically, we spend such a lot of time in holiday but we are happier at home!

The Reading Corner continued in full swing, with me reading more and more books. However I have decided to cut down on the numbers and just do focused reading. A lot of my old contacts in the publishing world moved on to different opportunities which meant a lot of handing over and renewing of contacts.

Against my better judgement at that time, I hired a cook to help me during the summer when my parents and siblings were home. But the comfort that having a cook gave me made me decide to stick on with her and that seems to be the best decision of the year. The irony of the situation, now that there is someone to make all the deep fried Bihari snacks, we have gone completely off fried food and therefore we don't even get them made.

Whoever said that getting married means eating whatever you want and whenever you want forgot that once you get that privilege your health no longer permits you to do that.

On the business side we finally got a proper Chennai office which means the husband spends more time at home.

I discovered Lindt dark dark truffles this year, the black wrapper, not the blue wrapper, courtesy my sister and for this reason alone I am willing to move to the States! No other chocolate now seems good enough to eat.

A positive change that I did in my life this year is to attempt to be better groomed. Which includes polishing my nails every weekend no matter what. And touching up a bit after lunch in office. Spending a few minutes slathering lotion on my arms and feet to make them presentable considering half a day in the office air con wears off all moisturising I do before leaving home. This also means buying better clothes and better footwear. Shallow it may sound but the better the brand and the higher you pay, the more you use it and therefore better value for money, of course notwithstanding exceptions which tend to throw a random surprise.

The kids started lessons on chess and drawing at home, which is a big plus. No more ferrying them from one class to another, even if it means paying a premium for the benefit. The key board classes are continuing though I am not go pressured about it. I learned quite a few tunes and it is exciting to be able to make magic on the key board. The kids' lessons are slower but I an worried about the lack of practice and dedication at home. Still I want to push them so that they will be thankful that I did so once they grow older and have the talent to show off.

The husband handed over his old iPad to me and I consider that his best decision of the year. It has given me complete round the clock connectivity and I have been able to focus on a lot of things this year, the result of which will be communicated on this space in a while.

Till then, watch this space.


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