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Thursday, November 21, 2013

On My Sponsored Posts

You would have noticed that I have been doing a few sponsored posts lately on my blog.

Some of you may think I have gone commercial, become a mercenary  and would post anything for money and perhaps the credibility of my writing would go down in your eyes.

You might think that my posts no longer come from my heart.

I agree that the money is exciting but that is not my only motivator to publish them.

It is like adsense, yes you might feel happy if some money comes in (for they never come, never, ever) but that is not the reason that propels you to blog.

When the campaign manager approached me for these campaigns, I was a bit apprehensive that I might have to talk about stuff that I could totally not relate to, like men's underwear or some random toilet cleaner or dish wash or worst some junk food which I totally love yet would not want to post about publicly or some weird foreign campaign which would never strike a chord with me.

I was pleasantly surprised that while the campaign was definitely by an FMCG (Unilever so far) but they really had a social cause backing the campaign. They are corporate social responsibility ads.

So ultimately it is a win win situation. I get to help in a campaign that spreads awareness, and I do it because I really believe in them. And at the same time, get paid for them. What more could one ask for.

So far, this blog has earned me two Nokia phones and a few dollars in cash apart from the the many books that this blog and The Reading Corner has given me. And yes, I take it as perks of blogging. Many of the bloggers out there have got book deals and perhaps their popular blogs helped them get a positive frame of mind from the editors and not to mention the networking that is part and parcel of blogging.

I have been approached to do campaigns that I did not believe in (paid and unpaid) and I have refused if they did not go with the theme of my blog.

I have hosted writers on Reading Corner without reading their books in exchange or without getting paid for it because I believe that if my one blog post can help them gain a bit more popularity than their then state, I will consider my task done and be glad that the writer gets an opportunity to reach out to a few more readers.

And no, this post is not sponsored! I felt that I owed an explanation for the readers.

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