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Monday, June 17, 2013

Dekha Dekhi

Ojas- Mamma you bought a broom for yourself, so now you should buy something for me also.

Tejas - mamma if I join cricket on Saturday and Sunday when will I get free time?

Donut- on seeing a pretty painting on the wall...who is this.
Me- mausi
Donut- ok (to satisfy my ego)
Then proceeds to ask Nani. This is not Mausi, who is it?

Upon seeing a disposable glove thrown on the ground...the glove is showing middle finger
(they know it is something bad though they don't know what. I am dreading the day they start asking more questions)

When the cranky neighbor didn't return the ball that fell in her garden
Ojas- you are a robber.
She- who taught you to say such things
Ojas- my Dadda taught me to say this...

(because when dadda saw he had picked up a tag yet again from a shop and it beeped at the exit point, he told him that if you do this people will call you a robber)

Me- if you do this again I will (enter appropriate threat) you.

Ojas- how? (will you carry out the threat)

Tejas- mamma tell me the iPad password. I will not use afterwards, only now.

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1 comment:

mim said...


i like the way they think -- alongwith myfirstborn they cld b triplets, what

o a request, too

pls disable word verif.

i find it ifficult to rea the words
and the keybrd isnt wrkn so i cnt seem to key in the words that it wants...