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Sunday, February 10, 2013


Finally I got round to going to Colombo, albeit a short trip for work.

What I did there apart from meeting customers was,
Trying every possible sri lankan cuisine including rice milk cake, the various sambals, a very nice dessert like a combo of poli and jaggery on plantain leaf and various other odds and ends. The yoghurt they served in the hotel was always sweetened which made it very yummy.

Also what amazed me was the willingness to serve mutton curry for breakfast.

We also had sri lankan cuisine served in clay pot in Hilton and I true every veg dish served.

We did shopping in lakshala the traidtional sri lankan craft and art store and found an auto wallah who took us around fort bazaar where we saw a tiny shop with lankan artefacts, magnets, batik etc. It would have been a good place to go rather than Lakshala but he would have driven a hard bargain.

We also did Odel and another local store called nolimit.

For once shopping in sri lanka had me confounded but happy as I was dividing rather than multiplying in this country for Indian rupee calculation.

I found the country a mix of kerala and singapore and found the stand alone shop concept quite European.

Some streets re astonishingly narrow. Wonder how traffic passes through.

And the sri lankan ladies are pretty with a predictable face cut, forehead and jaw line.

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