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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Paris and Holzminden Trip Update

September I was in Paris for a global conference and being the first time to Europe in my conscious senses, I took a very nice camera (not). My N8 camera was the only one that served me well during this trip.

This is the dear little place I stayed for a couple of days. My husband's family and this is where I saw my first apple tree and a sprawling garden full of flowers and fruits.

 I traveled Emirates and landed on Saturday night. After spending a very restless night we finally took off to see Paris. For the first time in my life, shopping was not on my agenda. I was more interested in walking the very streets and seeing the very sights that I have so far only read about.

We did the famous Avenue - Champs Elysees 

And took the metro to Charles de Gaulle

Yes Street musicians do exist in Europe..I always thought they were a little fancy but nothing  really fancy about them, they really are possibly homeless and singing or playing for alms. 

The Sacre Cour Church. We were too lazy to take the steps so took the elevator. 
 The Invalides church. Like an army cantonment.
 With Napolean's tomb. I could feel the sense of history flowing through me.
 And finally the Eiffel Tower. The highlight of my trip. We stood in the queue for the tickets however they closed the summit.
 So we and that's the husband's cousin and me went to sit by the Siene and wait for the lights and sparkling lights to come on and just took in the sight.
 Driving past the Louvre
The Notre dame church by which we had dinner next evening with our office colleagues.
 An interesting display with a flower behind a bulb. the rotation of the bulb created an enchanting pattern.

 The last day of my trip. We went back to Eiffel Tower and climbed the 600 plus steps to make it to the top. While it was exhausting and sometimes scary to look down, the breathtaking view from the top made it worthwhile. If I were to do it again, I would certainly do it on foot.
 Homesick in Paris? No problem? You can just walk straight and you will reach India.
 The Louvre. Another must visit...
 If only it was to just meet Monalisa
 In Holzminden, we stayed at a lovely hotel with rooms built to German size. Quite a contrast from the matchbox size rooms in Paris.
This is one of the patterns that I found were repeated quite often in the houses there.
 The scenic drive between hotel and office.
And final destination for shopping was the Dubai airport for me!!! 

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Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Awesome trip! Looks like you had great fun.