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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Mandatory Birthday Post

37th this year....and no, there were no flashes of regret or enlightenment or any other fireworks or bulbs glowing. In fact the bathroom bulb fused and I rang in the birthday sitting on the throne with a book and with stomach pain and nausea....ha...doing 2 of my favourite actvities after all

I realize that now I have learnt not to equate celebration with food even though we do end up eating while celebrating. But I am trying to reduce the focus on that.

That coupled with the fact that I was not feeling up to it, we did a simple lunch at home and a small party with very minimal snacks and dinner with very few friends.

I also did another of my favourite activity that is shopping for a couple of pieces of jewelry for office wear. Not the types that go into the locker. 

The next day, the spouse's birthday was celebrated at Mainland China which was our combined birthday lunch and watching the Dark Knight Rises on popular demand from the kids. And a simple cake cutting back home.

It gets so tiring on 12th that the spouse's birthday celebration on 13th gets compromised....
May be I should start celebrating a month late to spread the celebrations!!!


Indian Thoughts said...

me and my hubby share our bday... urs is just a day apart. Reading ur post left me wondering which one is better.. may be different months altogether

Anonymous said...

So true, I am not a fan of back to back birthdays. I shre mine with the FIL and whenever they visit no points for guessing what happens!! Stopped by your bloig after a while, friend...miss ya