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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Bloggers Motives

Why do I take the trouble to blog?
It is a cool (kewl?) thing to do
I am too lazy to maintain a baby book and I wish to record my kid’s activities and let them read it when they grow up
I am too lazy to write my diary
I am too lazy to write
Express myself to a wider audience of similar taste
Possibly network if opportunity presents
Can proclaim this as my hobby to the rest of the world- though I write under a nick name, all my relatives and associates know about my blog. In fact I urge them to visit and comment
A nice way to take a breather break.
Something to look forward to in an internet session
I always dreamt to publish a book and this is the closest I can do to it
To elicit other’s opinion
To have a voice in the web world

Why do I take the trouble to blog hop?
Forms good reading matter
I always love a good story
To expand my thinking space
To trigger ideas for my other posts
To get ammunition for my gossip sessions
For a good laugh – we bloggers do spike up the posts with humour
To take a break
Mom blogs- To see if others have similar experiences with their kids

Why do I take the trouble to comment?
To express my views/ substantiate/ give another perspective for the post
To contribute information if sought
A way of saying “hi” and marking my attendance to jack up the number of comments for the blogger – I know all of us love comments
So that the blogger comes to my blog, reads & comments- I love comments too
So that the bloggers on my blog roll/ my regular visitors are not offended that I do not visit them and take the trouble to comment

Why do I love comments?
Makes me feel good about myself
I feel good that the post has helped someone in some way
Lets me know approx how many people has seen my post - the stat counter vanished when I changed to new blogger
To get a different perspective to my post
Subliminal message- lurkers please de-lurk


Deepti said...

I never went past the 'lazy' in the first para; laziness is my hobby :-)

Shiv said...

same as my idea abt blogs! kewl post!

Hip Grandma said...

We bloggers seem to have the same reasons to blog.Great minds think alike don't they?Please say yes.I want to be included in the group.

A Little Light said...

i love comments too!

A Little Light said...

so here's another one :)

Twisted DNA said...

I hereby de-lurk :P

Nice reasons to blog. I think I have almost the same reasons to blog... including the dreams of getting published :)

artnavy said...

another well thought out list from you itchy

way to go

Manjari said...

terrific posts.. I think most of the bloggers do blog for similar reasons.. atleast I do.. great idea.

Orchid said...

...why can't you still do a book, why do you think this is the closest you'll ever get to it??

wiseling said...

*sheepishly raises hand*
"present maam."
~your very own personal lurker

Coffee said...

Very much the same :)
But I add one more to it these days.....
I am too lazy to blog. (Hope to come out of it soon :) )

The Visitor said...

Itchy - you never stop amazing me with your lists. LOL :D

nz said...

same here, except never ever thought of publishing any book :-)

Alan said...

A very all encompassing list. I too wish the lurkers would de-lurk. That would increase the comment total by threefold.

I am also very curious to know who's reading and what they like about the blog. The lurker from Peru who spent several minutes on my blog must have an interesting perspective.

Tharini said...

Interesting idea for a post. Enjoyable!

Lavs said...

your post more or less conveys my idea of maintaining a blog. Initially, i used to write only for myself and my friends but now i have made my blog public.

Alan said...

I would be happy with a "pity" comment on my latest post. :)

lilfern said... true!so true! so true !
also i keep re-reading my blogs because - i. no-one else does! ii. i can sigh and say - how clever i am :))